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Where am I now?

Where am I now?

Wow! Each of our journey’s are very different right now. No matter what energy is coming in we are receiving different things and responding in very different ways . When just a year ago, we often experienced a common theme with others. Now we are in a time of great purging and lots of opportunities to stand as one, united to the all, recognizing ourselves in each other. This period will climax on the Winter Solstice of 2018. We are being asked to clear the way and recognize ourselves as creator beings that we are. We will be moving into a new phase of consciously aware creation. So, breathe deeply and surrender to current journey and love yourself through it all.

I will share an aspect of my current journey with you. I have been experiencing a deep repose for the last 6 months. However, my mind still wants to be doing something and the questions I face most often are; Am I just checking out? or the opposite, Am I forcing the doing? Shouldn’t I be taking some action? When do I know I need to take action or allow the unfoldment? The true impetus to take action on something is really spread out for me and has been sprinkled with" forced action taking" mishaps in-between . I must say it is getting easier to wait and “be” between these spread out inspirations. I have had more opportunities to surrender to my higher self and trust God, in complete faith leaving my doubts behind. Complete faith is the key.

Well, I think I’m finally getting it. I really am in a place of accepting “Being”, being love with each breathe and each step I take. The recognition of my true self is subtlety deepening day by day. It is here where I get to know me on the inside, truly connecting with my higher self. We are so much more than we think and it is time to reacquaint you with the real you, the master that dwells within. The master of light that chose to have this experience. The master who recognizes the body as a temple, housing this magnificent being of divine love. The master that knows WE ARE ALL ONE.

In this repose, I finally recognize with confidence my purpose in my life which is to raise the consciousness of humanity to the point of accepting and living unity consciousness. I will not rest until we all let go of what divides us and recognize the divinity in all of life, everything is love. There is no wavering on this within me, it is crystal clear. As I accept and love myself more deeply I radiate more love. I surrender to my higher self and I trust God/Sophia implicitly.

I am you, you are me, we are one. I love you and I support you in your courageous journey of self discovery. We all have a thread to weave in this tapestry of life and it won't be complete without you. Breathe deep, pause, surrender and trust. All you have is this beautiful, wonderful moment to experience. I am grateful for this amazing ride and to share it with you all. Thank you for supporting me through the darkness and the light.

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