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Balance Mind, Body, Spirit & Source

Awakening Consciousness & Healing with Angela Miele

Welcome to my sanctuary of Healing created out of my personal healing journey and the guidance of my Higher Self.  To truly heal, you must address the root cause and have a willingness to dive deep into your core beliefs.  This will bring you lasting healing effects and a new lease on life.


Do you want to be  free from “dis-ease”?  From physical pain?  From the trappings of your thoughts?  From emotional pain?  Are you ready to set yourself free? I am here to help facilitate your healing and guide you on your journey.


My practice incorporates a combination of Spinal Energetics, Divine Source Energy, and Sound Healing techniques to nurture your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 


Are you ready to encounter the profound impact of these healing modalities?

I am Angela Miele, a devoted lightworker, healer, ceremonialist, and sound alchemist with over two decades of immersion in the Healing Arts. I have honed my practice with the guidance of my higher self and training in Reiki, Theta Healing, and Spinal Energetics. My journey is illuminated by a divine purpose: to guide you home to your true divine nature, facilitating the opening and deepening of your heart connection with Source. It is my calling to help catalyze healing, awakening, and activation on your unique path.


In my healing art, I channel a unique frequency, which I call Divine Source Energy,  a resonance that transcends the ordinary and facilitates your transformation embracing you in a sense of peace and calm. Innate wisdom guides me, allowing me to assist you to release what no longer serves you, .........

Lightworker, Energy Healer

Angela Miele

My purpose is to help you open your heart and experience your true divine nature. I carry a unique frequency that affords you the experience of feeling the alignment of body, mind, soul and Source.  I facilitate your own  innate healing, awakening to your true self, and activating your higher consciousness. I am your guide to help you remember who you truly are! 

Welcome Beloved Soul


What I Specialize In

Divine Source Energy

Divine Source Energy

Divine Source energy is the energy within me, bestowed upon me by Source/God, awakened by my studies in Reiki, Theta Healing and my personal journey of awakening consciousness.  This energy surrounds you in a sense of peace and love. Your energy field can find resonance with it.  It gives you the opportunity to feel and know what it is to be aligned with your Higher Self and Source so you can remember it and find your way back to it.


This energy meets you where you are at and offers you what you need to restore your Being.  In this unified field of divine love, you are able to access healing, awakening and activation in your life. This energy is innately a part of me and is a part of all the healing I offer.

Spinal Energetics

Spinal Energetics

In the realm of holistic well-being, Spinal Energetics is a potent healing modality, recognizing the spine not merely as a physical structure but as a vital conduit for energy. Spinal energetics is an energy and somatic healing technique that works with the central nervous system, by harmonizing the energy flow along the spine and central nervous system. 


This unique technique identifies areas of tension and blockage. The practitioner utilizes light touch, no touch, movement and sound to influence the flow of energy to unwind and release blocks. You will experience a range of benefits, from pain relief, increased physical vitality, emotional release, trauma release, to improved energy flow, stress reduction, enhanced mental clarity and more.


As you open yourself to the potential of Spinal Energetics, you will find it is a powerful transformative tool for your healing, and alignment of your body, mind and soul.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Sound Healing operates on the principle that everything is energy, including our bodies. When harmonious frequencies interact  a phenomenon known as resonance occurs, fostering a profound sense of balance and healing. The frequency of sound is transmitted through the body bathing every cell in a harmonious frequency, guiding each cell and system of the body to its optimal functioning.


Sound Healing incorporates an array of instruments, each a conduit for therapeutic vibrations. From the resonant sound of a singing bowl to the human voice, each instrument offers a unique resonance and healing potential. It  influences not only physical and energetic bodies, but also impacting brainwave states, inducing shifts in brainwave patterns, leading to altered states of consciousness. 


It offers tangible effects on the physical body as well as profound personal transformation, deep relaxation, heightened awareness, and emotional release, opening us up to shifts in consciousness and self-discovery.

Healing is the act of remembering you’re light.

Begin your healing journey today.

YOU ARE WALKING PEACE!!! A deep presence of calm surrounds you & abounds with Love from You! It manifests in your transformative Sound Healing work...and reaches deeply into all you are near!

- Carolyn Viola

Angela was able to move energy and trauma through my body in a way I have never esperienced before. With her session and the guidance on what to work on I feel I have been able to let go of trauma in a way I haven’t been able to yet.


Angela's sound healings take place in your body @ the cellular level through her heartfelt sound vibration. Her healings pull in vibrational earth energy, energy of the elements & divine energy to heal imbalances in your emotional, physical & spiritual bodies.

- Jill Reed

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