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Meet Angela

Lightworker & Healer

Welcome Beloved Soul,


I am Angela Miele, a devoted lightworker, healer, ceremonialist, and sound alchemist with over two decades of immersion in the Healing Arts. I have honed my practice with the guidance of my higher self and training in Reiki, Theta Healing, and Spinal Energetics. My journey is illuminated by a divine purpose: to guide you home to your true divine nature, facilitating the opening and deepening of your heart connection with Source. It is my calling to help catalyze healing, awakening, and activation on your unique path.


In my healing art, I channel a unique frequency, which I call Divine Source Energy,  a resonance that transcends the ordinary and facilitates your transformation embracing you in a sense of peace and calm. Innate wisdom guides me, allowing me to assist you to release what no longer serves you, to awaken your consciousness, align your chakras, activate greater wellbeing and integrate your new vibration into your daily life.  


My offerings are woven with love and intention, extending from private healing sessions to transformative group journeys. I carefully create each session, ceremony, workshop, and retreat to be a sacred space for exploration and healing. I invite your higher self to help guide the session for your highest good ensuring you receive exactly what is needed for your healing. Your body’s innate knowing, knows how to heal itself given a conducive environment. 


My purpose is grounded in the vibration of Divine Love and Grace. Through the transformative cadence of my voice and the radiant energy field I carry, I invite you to harmonize with the essence of your soul. Together, we will navigate the intricate dance of healing, releasing disease-causing patterns, and embracing the love that dwells within. My mission extends beyond the physical, guiding you into alignment with your Divine Soul and supporting a natural transition into a lifestyle that nurtures the union of your physical and divine selves.

It is only through my own healing transformation journey that I am able to assist you on yours. I invite you to join me in this transformative exploration of self-discovery and healing. Let us embark together on a journey that leads you into greater joy, embracing the miracles that unfold when heart, soul, and spirit unite. Your path of awakening awaits, and I am here to walk beside you.


I am looking forward to welcoming you in person and spirit.  


with blessings to all,



My Path to Healing Arts

My path as a healer began with an MS degree in Athletic Training (sports medicine).  I worked for 25 years helping athletes to stay healthy and recover from their injuries.


I then moved into the field of energy healing as I was awakening my consciousness, where I have been for the last 20 years. My training is in reiki, theta healing and spinal energetics. However, most of my guidance and learning has been directly from Source (God). I am a lightworker, healer, ceremonialist and sound alchemist. 

Within all of my offerings, my purpose is to help people to open their hearts and experience their true divine connection with themselves and Source.  I facilitate their own innate healing, awakening to their true self and activate their higher consciousness. I carry a unique frequency that goes through everything I do, affecting the transformation and awakening process.

 I offer private healing sessions, group sound healing journeys, cacao ceremonies, solstice and equinox ceremonies , workshops and retreats. My healing sessions are a combination of spinal energetics , sound healing and divine source energy.


The sound healing journeys are not only a blessing to all who participate but, also to the world, universe and beyond, a beautiful gift to offer.  I also create spirit inspired jewelry and paintings. The jewelry is designed to work with your energy field, promoting your well being.

Angela holds space and has always made me feel safe. Her healing voice has been with me through surgery and other difficult times in my life. to be with me. Angela is a gifted healer, a spectacular human being and and I'm blessed to know her.

Leslie Dvorshock

This was one of THE MOST POWERFUL healing meditations I've ever attended. So grateful for the purity of love shared. You are a true gift, Angela! Thank you for sharing your grace. 

Amber Mikesell

Your sound healing turned out to be exactly what I needed on Sunday. It helped me shift emotioally and do some things I really needed to do but, was struggling with. I just wanted to let you know your healing work had an impact.

Katie Phoenix

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