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Forms & Aftercare

Below you will find documents which all clients must review and/or sign prior to receiving services from Angela Miele Healing Arts.  These documents include a Disclaimer Form, Consent Form, Health History, and Aftercare Information.  These documents protect both you and the practitioner, our business, and our respective households, assets, and other financial interests by ensuring that both the client and practitioner who participate in healing sessions do so as informed individuals with an understanding of factors which may impact the healing process and any side-effects and/or consequences which may result from your participation.

Online forms are available for the online sessions and printable forms are available for in-person sessions.

"Angela is a pure embodiment of the Divine Feminine. Her sound journey is an enchanting experience. The energy she moves is sublime, like soft bliss. During the session, a pressure and heaviness that had been in my heart for some time completely dissipated and hasn’t returned. Angela is a celestial being - a true angel."


- Douglas Walker

I felt safe and comfortable. I would describe a session as calming, relaxing and soothing.  I was feeling very disconnected before coming and I feel more myself again and a little more "in flow". I would definitely come back for future sessions and would refer to friends. Thank you so much!

-Amber Kriger

I was blessed to be at the first retreat these two women, amazing women, did. I was able to find a deep place within myself through their unconditional love and openness to Divine. Together they are remarkable...individually they are beautifully designed. It was a real opportunity for healing for this girl!! The other women at the retreat added a blessing. Thank you. 

-April Mingos

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