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Expression of The Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness

July 22, I attended a celebration of Mary Magdalene's Feast Day. This year was especially poignant to celebrate her day for a number of obvious reasons. The reason for this particular event is the planetary alignment with seven Templari cathedral(vortex) sites, that will culminate on the 28th. This is most certainly the time of the awakening of the New Earth and the anchoring of the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness. We are stepping into the Golden Era and it is our choice, of choosing love moment by moment, that will bring it to reality.

Following this event, I was inspired to post about it on social media, it was a short blurb. Then I felt inspired to write a post about the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness everyday until the 28th. Each day I addressed it from a different angle, some of which was very personal to me and all was divinely inspired. I have decided to share all of them here in one blog post. I continue to be moved by these excerpts of divinity.

Part 1


Celebrating Mary Magdalene feast day today. I am so grateful for the restoration of the divine feminine

and for the Magdalene ‘s to blaze the path for us to carry on. I am grateful for the courage of my sisters to stand In love for themselves and each other.

I was referring to everything we have done as women in the last 5 to 10 years or so to begin honoring and loving ourselves and publicly taking a stand wherever needed. It was us the women who needed to claim ourselves back before anything else could change.

Part 2

Honoring of the Heart ♥️

Anchoring of the Divine feminine Christ Consciousness is happening now. The heart is feminine and magnetic, attracting divine love and grace. It is a two way toroidal field connecting you with your higher self, with the universe, and with Source. It allows you to recieve and give love. It allows you to FEEL your divinity and your humanity. Allows you to share your love with others. The Divine feminine Christ consciousness overrides the emotional pain we associate with the heart. To receive this divine love and grace we must move through our shell of protection around our heart. We can fully embrace this magnetic field when we can invite in the divine masculine. This electrical field of energy works with the magnetic field of the divine feminine creating harmony and balance, in our existence. The field of the divine feminine must be present first, before we can establish harmony and balance. If we have not done so already, male female or otherwise, it is Time to invite in the divine feminine magnetic love and grace within your heart. Embrace all that it has to bring an offer us. Let us restore the balance within ourselves, within our communities, within our world.

Part 3

What does the Divine feminine Christ consciousness have to do with men?

it is as equally important for men as it is for women. All people utilize both feminine and masculine energy. The feminine energy is magnetic and the masculine energy is electric. We live in a polarized world and all things are created out of the union of the feminine and masculine energy. It doesn’t matter your gender you still need to balance the feminine and masculine energy within yourself. We are electromagnetic beings.

For thousands upon thousands of years we have been in a patriarchal society, out of balance or out of harmony with feminine and masculine energy. So, the rise of the feminine energy is important for both men and women. We must seek balance within ourselves before we will see Balance in our world. It is time for men to embrace the feminine aspects of themselves most importantly, their emotional bodies. Your innate feeling nature is your compass in your life. Men have been conditioned to suppress their feelings, to suck it up and move on. This goes against your natural state of being, your truth. In order to live a happy full-filled life, you must live in harmony with yourself. That means to embrace all of your self, feminine and masculine. When we bring this all into Balance we begin to live a more harmonious, joyful life. As we restore this balance, we also restore the divinity of the feminine and masculine energies. Meaning the feminine is no longer considered weak, submissive, manipulative and the masculine is no longer overpowering, destructive, or apathetic. The honor of both is restored. The feminine is magical, nurturing and beautiful and the masculine is strong, focused and loving. As we find this harmony within ourselves we can restore the harmony of society and we shall live in cooperation rather than competition.

let us all embrace the divine feminine Christ Consciousness showering us now.

Part 4

What is Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness to me? How does it show up in my life?

When I notice the beauty of Mother Nature and not just in her grandeur but, in the simplicity of a dandelion or a blade of grass. In the subtle awareness of consciousness in all of Gaia’s creations, when I acknowledge them, they acknowledge me back. In moments of contemplative gratitude, and expressed gratitude. In moments of nothingness , and a willingness to BE, to simply Be. In the willingness to embrace the darkness as her creative womb space, embracing the unknown and nothing to fear. In feeling my pain and surrendering to my heart, Mother is always there, whether I feel her or not. In her sweet songs that arise from humanities hearts. In those moments of heartfelt bliss when we come together in communion with open hearts. In those moments she sings from my heart with the lullaby of divine grace. I feel her presence encouraging me to be Free, to free my voice, and just be me, as every tree, flower and blade of grass mirrors to me. All so subtle you are, ever-present, and never wavering. It is I who wavers. You always remind me to be in my heart, the never-ending vortex of Divine Love, where my truth resides, waiting for my return.

Part 5

The Transformation

She is within you already but, you are unaware. You have been conditioned away from her, believing she is weakness. You may not know her at all. You don’t even realize you can’t live without her.


She is the Divine Feminine awaiting your glance, awaiting your invitation. She is there, loving you always, never shies away, never turns her back on you, waiting for you to ask; What is missing? Is this all there is? There must be something more to this life. You open to new possibilities and she is there.

She is loving you with every step you take. You may not know it yet but, eventually you will. She is there, in your heart, the place you have barricaded over the years, trying to protect yourself from pain. When you summon the courage, to allow yourself, to feel your hurts; she is there comforting you and loving you.

She supports you with her divine grace and soothing light , until you are ready to seek within your heart and not outside of yourself. This is where your truth is revealed to you. She nurtures you and guides you to love and trust yourself. She is there with every breath and every heart beat, all that is required is your awareness of her presence, to know and feel her.

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