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Deeper Explanations of Healing: What is Divine Source Energy?

Is the energy within me bestowed upon me by Source/God, awakened by my studies in Reiki and Theta Healing. It is beyond universal frequency and therefore, I am not capable of defining it.  It is innately a part of me and I am here to share it with others. It has always been easy for me to allow the natural flow of energy through me to the client. I know that our higher selves are working together to provide you with the energy you need for your healing. I do not need to have an understanding of what is happening, just a trust that it is for your highest good.

This energy surrounds you in a sense of peace and love. I would describe it as innately feminine, naturally nurturing and supportive. It gives you the opportunity to feel and know what it is to be aligned with your Higher Self and Source so you can remember it and find your way back to it.  In this unified field of divine love you are able to access healing, awakening and activation in your life. This energy is innately a part of me and is a part of all the healing I offer.

How does Divine Source Energy work in a Healing Session?

This energy is present and working in all of my group and private sessions. It is an undefinable energy of divine source light to further guide and awaken your consciousness to your true divine beingness. This energy takes you deeper into your multidimensional fields of energy. Connecting you more deeply with your higher self and brings you higher guidance for your life. You gain perspective and  awareness of belief patterns that no longer serve you, which you can now release and transform. This process has a trickle down effect resulting in healing on all layers, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  

Divine Source Energy works to align and harmonize the chakra system. Particular attention is directed to opening of the heart and establishing your deeper connection with your soul, higher self and Source. You actually feel what it is like to be your true self. Its goal is to restore and balance all aspects of your being and activate higher states of being when you are ready.

Most importantly you are restoring your true divine nature with each falsity you release. You are able to activate your higher consciousness and live a more rewarding purposeful life. You are one step closer to true freedom. It will take you as far as you are willing to go.

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