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Healing Arts Services

spinal energetics

Spinal Energetics &

Divine Source Energy

50 minute session


  • In-person:  $80

  • Virtual:  $90         

  • 3 Session Bundle:  $222

What is it?


Spinal Energetics is an energy technique that works to restore the harmony of the central nervous system, to release bound up energies as a result of previous traumas and disruption in your life. It reinstates the natural flow of energy through your body to restore your well being working on all types of ailments, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 

In addition to Spinal Energetics you will also receive Divine Source Energy, they both work well together to bring you the healing you need.  Divine Source Energy takes you into higher consciousness, to unravel deep seated false belief patterns, to open your heart and connect you with Source activating your higher purpose. 

What will this help me with?

This session is good if you have a chronic issue such as shoulder or low back pain that won’t resolve. If you suffer from recurring bouts of depression or anxiety. It can improve self acceptance, adoration and creativity. It can improve your ability to cope with stress, gain a sense of empowerment and a return to joy in your life. It is particularly good for the release of old trauma patterns.


Are you easily triggered? Do you react rather than respond? Spinal Energetics will unlock the nervous system enabling you to respond differently.

Are you seeking spiritual awakening and personal growth?  As you are ready Divine Source Energy will take you deeper into your Divine Soul’s knowing, leading you into a remembrance of who you truly are. 

Renew your sense of peace and regain vitality and a new perspective in your life.

divine source energy, reiki, theta healing

Sound Healing &

Divine Source Energy

50-60 minute session

  • In-person only:  $80

  • 3 Session Bundle:  $211

What is it?


The combination of sound healing techniques and the flow of Divine Source Energy brings a unique healing and/or activating experience. You are guided into deep vibrational resonance with yourself (and Soul), you experience what it feels like to be at home in your body, an overwhelming sense of peace and love.  It is here you can shift out of your false beliefs that have caused problems in your life presently and in past lives. You embrace the love that becomes your guiding light in your life. You awaken to a new level of consciousness.

What will this help me with?

This session is good if you want to invite peace into your life or if you want to grow in spirituality and consciousness. It has an effect of healing on physical, emotional, mental and soul  levels because it addresses the core issue behind it all. It also effects the functioning of every cell in your body.  


At the very least it has a calm, loving, peaceful effect which helps you remember what it feels like to be truly you. You can awaken to a new authentic you, by remembering who you truly are.  No matter, It will meet you where you are at and bring you what you are capable of receiving.

Group Services

 Contact me if you are interested in hosting any of the sessions below

or refer to calendar for public events.

sound healing journey

Sound Healing Journey

This is a group meditation.

When more than one gathers together the vibration grows exponentially.

This is a group meditation, where participants usually lie on a yoga mat. I proceed  to surround you in sounds and frequencies of the divine utilizing my energy, a drum, rattle, crystal bowls, chimes and my voice. The alchemy of all these things together bring you into a state of divine knowing within you, an experience of love and peace you will cherish. When more than one gathers together the vibration grows exponentially. The sound healing journeys are not only a blessing to all who participate but also to the community, the world and the universe.

sound healing


  • Cacao Ceremonies

  • Equinox Ceremonies

  • Solstice Ceremonies

Cacao Ceremonies:

I have received some training from the Mayan Wisdom Project from Guatemala and also my inner wisdom on how to offer a meaningful cacao experience. I tend to describe it as a heart opening and heart grounding experience. She will meet you where you are at.

Equinox, Solstice, and more:

These ceremonies are never the same. My inner wisdom guides me into how and what to offer for a ceremony based on what is needed at the time. These ceremonies can include a variety of components, for example cacao, sound healing, drumming, singing, dancing, sharing circle and whatever comes up.


Workshops & Retreats

Custom workshops and retreats designed to awaken consciousness.


Topics can include: understanding life as energy, energy healing, meditations, activities geared to greater understanding of ourselves on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. All this is guiding you to living your authentic purposeful life. You will gain an alignment with your higher self and begin to direct your life from this point of centeredness. 

Currently, I offer a 1 or 2 day workshop called “Set Yourself Free” designed to take you off of the hamster wheel of reacting to life. You will experience new ways to engage in life and move into responding rather than reacting. This is a journey of self discovery and self love.    

Retreats will be posted when they are planned.

Workshop Review

Angela traveled to my home in Camillus, NY, to do a sound healing session as well as a healing workshop called “Set Yourself Free”. The ladies who attended, as well as myself, received a powerful, and at the same time, spiritually uplifting and inspirational series of thought-provoking meditations, discussions, and healing work, which were delivered by Angela in a seamless, and flowing manner. The time flew throughout the experience, as  each person became visibly more and more deeply relaxed, and subtly affected by the almost palpable sense of Spirit gently taking charge through Angela’s words, crystals bowls and sound instruments, and voice.. The group seemed to congeal early on during the daylong workshop, and although they already knew one another before meeting Angela, there was a profound sense of trust and peace established, which served to melt anyone’s egoism walls of defense, allowing Spirit to enter in, promoting a very transformative and healing ambiance. 

I know I speak for all the people who attended, that we are all eager to have Angela return to us in the future. Every  person in the group expressed a heartfelt appreciation for the healing work done with Angela that day. 

Pam Rosati

If you’d like more information about booking a group session or workshop, get in touch with Angela today.

I had a lot of tightness through my shoulders and she was drawn to work on my heart/shoulder area and I couldn't believe how different I felt immediately. I was able to take deeper breaths, my shoulders felt completely released and relaxed and in the days following I experienced so much gratitude for life that I was overwhelmed with emotion a few times. I would recommend this to everyone! I know I will continue with this healing modality in my holistic self-care regimen.    

-Julie Kennedy

I feel like the treatments deeply connected me to source. I mean this literally as the vision of being held wihtin the web of a grid came to my mind's eye while I was on the table.  When I first came to you, I had injured my shoulder and PT wasn't helping to eliminate the problem, but spinal energetics did. After that first day I felt more movement and flexibility than i had felt in months. Additionally, after the first treatment, I noticed that my racing thoughts were quiet and I felt less "bothered by life". I felt at ease and a sense of hope for the first time in a while. I felt peace of mind and spirit, I felt deeply nourished and supported by the divine healing energy of life.

-Ingrid Callahan

I was so blessed to experience Spinal Energetics with Angela.  Our first session was comfortable and very calming. I slept 16 hours that night, like a physical reset feeling a little less anxious that week until a situation snowballed leaving me devastated beyond my comprehension. I was emotionally and spiritually empty, tearful and anxious. We continued sessions weekly and following her insights each day I felt lighter and less anxious. Our third session opened my heart and I began to focus, meditate and deflect awful thoughts.

-Bert Brown

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