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The Vision Quest

vision quest, Angela Miele, facing fear , self love

I just returned to Phoenix from my exploration of Southern California. I must say I certianly was on a vision quest. I moved through the abyss by continuing to let go, breathing in the present moment and knowing I'm ok. I learned not to have any expectation of what was happening next. I fell into fear of the unknown only to learn to embrace it, love it and to remember that is what keeps it exciting. Accepting the natural ebb and flow of life was key for me. Realizing it s ok to have low moments, allowing them to be.

The only thing in my way of experiencing joy is me. I was reminded to play and sing for the pure love of it and nothing else mattered. I faced my fear of putting myself out there. I learned to open up socially and embrace the gifts others bring to the world. Angels sprinkled my path in the faces of the people I met along the way. It was like playing connect the dots. People showed up at different times with varying gifts for me and I them. It was fun to be the observer of this. I have so much gratitude for God/source/universe, I am so well taken care off.

The lessons and the highs and lows were always a reflection of self love. Remembering to love myself as God loves us all. Allowing myself to be the radiant field of love that God is. In my final days there, I made a promise to self and God, to consciously look into the eyes of everyone I meet and truly see them and God that dwells within them.

This journey felt like I was being thrown in the pool for the first time and I am figuring out how to swim. Now I'm looking forward to refining my stroke and expanding my experience. Much love and light to you all!

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