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Creation of Soul Remembrance

divine guidance, Soul Remembrance CD, sound healing meditation, self love

Source does work in mysterious ways. Just as I previously thought I would never do any type of singing or vocalization, I presently felt the same way about recording. I always said "no way", its enough that I even doing sound healing. "Ha ha ha" says the universe, for the second time (or more). I suppose its my resolve to live my purpose and serve the highest good for myself and for all, that keeps me open to recieve the knudgings of my Divine Soul. The affirmations that are reflected back at me can be both subtle and humerous.

I would say in the past 6 months or so, I have been faced with all my fears around vocalization/singing, lack of self love and self confidence. I found I need to love myself even more deeply more confidently or I will always be holding back during sound healing. In turn, I feel this would limit others experience of Divine Love. I have come to know, more deeply, I am offering you an opportunity to experience yourself on the inside. Experience the love of your divine soul and source from within you. I need to be in this space so you can be there. Hence, I have the resolve to get out of my own way and be the voice of God, in my way.

Many of us can experience this space but, it is also nice to allow others to guide us into this space. This is the purpose for "Soul Remembrance" to allow you to have this experience from wherever you are, whenever you want, with whom ever you want. It is different from the live experience but, it still takes you there. You can journey with the cd, from beginning to end or you can choose one track and put it on repeat for however long you want to be there.

As always I hope my journey inspires you on your journey, much love!


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