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Spiraling Love

divine union, unity consciousness, self love, integration, co-creation

Life is a continuing commitment to love more deeply, to love others, to love self. To love more deeply means to love more unconditionally than ever before. It takes you to the place of embracing unity consciousness. At first glance you say yes, of course, we are all one, BUT, can you except that ALL is divine??? , even the most horrific thing is part of the divine, its part of the one. Those things are the field of consciousness playing out. Whatever energies are in the field, they will manifest in the physical. It may not look logical or make sense but, it is how it manifest. These things appear random, they show up small or large, in our little personal worlds, in our communities, or in the collective; to show us where we are holding onto beliefs of separation. Any place fear resides is a red flag we are not embracing the field of "One". Attachments are a sign of fear buried somewhere. We need to look deeper every moment, in order to release those attachments so we can embrace ourselves as beings of love and trust our flow in the field of consciousness.

In fact this journey, is a journey of integration, of integrating the soul into the physical. This is the dance, the dance between heaven and earth, the divine union of the lover and the beloved. The union of the Divine Soul with the physical self. Creating a balance of male/female energies within our beings. This brings us to a space of complete and utter love for the self, honor and respect in every shape and form. We cannot truly embrace unity consciousness if we can't embrace the shinning example of love that we are, by truly loving ourselves and honoring who we are as divine beings. Inviting in, our Divine Soul, getting to know how to communicate with her/him, connecting energetically, plugging in and really feeling it. Then we can dance with heaven on earth in harmony.

My journey turns deeper inward and I embrace this part of me. I spiral deeper and deeper in love with all of me, including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. Ultimately I am, an aspect of Source nothing less, nothing more here to co-create and experience life. I accept the invitation to love more deeply, embrace the "One" and remember who I am as a Divine Soul. It is in this space that I radiate love out to this planet Earth and raise her vibration so, we can embrace the divine dance in harmonic resonance with the lover and beloved, as the collective of Mother Earth.

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