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Its Time to Remember

Its time to remember who you truly are. This is a critical mass point in our global society. Many of you know this already. This may just be a reminder not to get caught up in the game and also not to be complacent but, to remember your thoughts and feelings effect the vibration of the whole and what you want to see in the world. I'm hoping this reaches many who are just beginning to awaken. This video showed up in my Facebook newsfeed this morning as memory post from 2012. It is 25 minutes long, it will be the best 25 minutes of your life. Please! don't pass it up!

We can not bring peace into this world while holding onto fear. Fear creates separation like we are seeing with the rising bigotry, racism, sexism and any other "ism". What we are seeing now our collective fears rising to the top. Then we can acknowledge them, let them go and choose love instead. This is happening on a global level, right now. It looks awful and scary but this release needs to happen first. We need to see every human being as apart of our family. Those, that are the most fierce, are the ones hurting the most. As Matt Kahn would say, " they need more love not less".

Project love from your heart to all hearts, may we all know peace and see each other in our reflections. This is our truth. Let that little being of love, you have kept hidden deep inside of you, out, he/she wants to be revealed, she/he wants to play. When we all acknowledge this aspect of ourselves we will automatically live in harmony and respect all of life including Mother Earth. There is no scarcity of any kind, any where, when we live in harmony with each other and Mother Earth.

Please watch the video and gain an understanding of how your thoughts and emotions affect the whole, how easy it is to be a loving kind human being. Leave your fears behind, one step at a time, one breath, one heart beat, one thought and this is how we will change the world. I love you all and I know we can do this!

Be the change

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