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Magical Times

We are in magical times, "IF" we so choose. Our journeys have been filled with ups and downs and twist and turns. It's been exciting, filled with varying degrees of joy, bliss, pain, sadness, happiness and confusion. Many of you have gone through a lot of turbulence to get here. Guess what??? We are here! That is , if you so choose it. On this day of the Summer Solstice I accept that I now live in the magic and mystery of life.

Since I have moved to Santa Fe, I have deepened my resolve to honor my authentic self as a being of light choosing this human experience. To fully accept my sovereign mastery and be who I came here to be. Who am I to deny Source(God) its full presence within me? I am here to enjoy the experience of being in the physical, what an honor to be here in these times of great magical change, a time of remembering who we truly are. I am here to be my God Self expression of love and creativity. I am a co-creator of my reality, I choose it, I accept it. Therefore, I claim each and every step before, I see evidence of it. I claimed my worthiness before I was shown to be worthy. I claimed myself as a sound alchemist before I was seen as a sound alchemist. I claimed my personal mastery before I felt like a master. It is choice.......

I choose to live in the mystery, in the co-creative process of my spiritual and physical being. I broaden my horizon, allowing myself to dream bigger, imagine all possibilities. I choose to live in balance of the Yin/Yang, masculine/feminine, and the mystical/manifest. I take that leap of faith and trust undeniably, knowing that I am fully supported and guided by my higher self/divine soul. I planned this journey and now I get to enjoy the unfoldment of it.

By the way, when I first embraced the idea of accepting magic into my life, Ireland unexpectedly popped into my heart. I thought it was crazy at first but, I trusted its presence and agreed to allow it to manifest. It is manifesting in a most magical way. I now have a plane ticket for Ireland and full allowance of letting the mystery unfold. With enormous gratitude and love in my heart, I ask you to invite magic and mystery into your life!

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