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The Unraveling

As I continue on my journey of self love deepening within me, allowing me to love humanity more deeply. There is an aspect that keeps rearing its ugly head, it’s the crux of the patriarchy, it’s the pain the feminine has been baring for more than 2,000 years. Its roots are deep within us.

What I speak of, does not define all men by any means. There is a deep pain among women of being overpowered and controlled by men since the beginning of the patriarchy. Men who no longer engage with their own hearts who have cut off their capacity to feel and to love. I find myself wanting to push them away, to separate from them unable to forgive or have compassion for them. In this recognition, I know I must journey deeper into my self, loving my self more deeply perhaps revealing to me where I do not trust or have faith in love itself.

How men behave today, those who have not embraced their own hearts is a much subtler form of control, even socially acceptable. I am acutely aware of men who see women as objects of their fulfillment and love is equated to sexual and domestic obligations being met. They are still unable to embrace their feeling nature of their own heart therefore, unable to embrace another. Not only unable to do so but, have no desire to change. This is what overwhelms my heart, a feeling of no possibility of this changing.

I know in my heart of hearts it can change. This is evident of all that has changed so far. For I know love overcomes all obstacles. I must address what is in my own heart that is resisting this change. I am in the process of this, sitting quietly, allowing divine love and grace to fill me up as I continue my journey.

I also sense how deep this runs in our collective psyche . Just as the “Me Too” movement enabled women to stand in their personal power and embrace loving theirselves more deeply we are now in the next moment of unraveling. We as women need to dive deep into our hearts, loving ourselves more deeply. We can dissolve these patterns of acceptance of what is not loving in our lives. we can find compassion for ourselves and chose to love , honor and respect for ourselves . As we do this for ourselves, and accept nothing less we will influence others around us to do the same, even without a word spoken about it. We also influence the sleeping hearts of these men to begin to awaken to new possibility, and we are also able to have compassion for them. The reality is we can’t continue to live accepting what is unacceptable and at the same time expecting it to change. So, in this deep loving of ourselves we can see with more clarity and live in alignment with love. As we do this we loosen the grip and allow more love and grace to flow into our heart, into men’s hearts, into our collective heart.

To the men with open hearts who honor and respect the women in your lives . I first say thank you for finding your way there. Thank you for making this change possible in the collectively. I thank you personally for helping me to believe and know it is possible. I ask you to carry this awareness into the

clubhouse of the men’s world, taking a stance of no tolerance of disrespecting the feminine? This is an opportunity for you to step more deeply in alignment with the your divine self knowing. This is all by way of love and grace with respect for all life, not something to battle over yet something to embrace to claim for yourself.

I ask that we all recognize ourselves in this process, be willing to dive deep and offer yourself forgiveness, love and grace. May we all loosen the roots of this separation so it may dissolve in the presence of Divine Grace. As we dismantle this next aspect of the patriarchy we embrace who we truly are and move even closer to unity consciousness. I love you all, all of humanity, all of life as we know it and beyond.

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