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Clearing the Pathway

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Follow me through my journey on Maui, discovering the beauty of the island, the innate enrgy, and my personal growth.

This was a journey of personal growth as well as a healing for Maui. It started before I left when a dear friend of mine recieved a vision to share with me. There were tidbits of guidance throughout her story some of which confirmed what I have been feeling and some of it was new. It brought me to a deeper understanding of the polynesian ways and how I can move forward in honor and reverence for this sacred land. However, I was not given an itinerary, the only thing I had a feeling for, was that I would be visiting waterfalls.

I arrived at 9pm to a beautiful full moon and I was elated to be there. The next day my thoughts ran from high to low to all over the place. This place is beautiful! What do I do now? Oh My God I”m alone for 11 days! What am I suppose to do? Do I really have a mission? Let’s get to the beach! I went down to the beach and annoited my feet with rose oil before stepping onto the sand and I did so with great reverance for the island and the pacific ocean, surrendering myself to be of service.  I offered my prayers and asked for guidance from the island and the elements and Source, and then I knew, I had to be right with myself before I could procceed. I focused on remaining present, watching my thoughts and feelings until I felt guided to begin the work. The eve of my second day I felt the urge to look at a map to determine where I should go.

The next day, I started out on my journey to the mountains on the westside. My first stop was Ioa Valley, a very beautiful, lush mountain with a crystal clear stream and a couple of magnificent trees. This felt like a welcoming spot for me, getting connected with the true Maui energy barely touched by man. I did find myself toning and connecting there. I definitely was called into the stream recieving love and offering my love. Then it was off to Waihee Ridge (7,000ft. elevation), the hiking trail was straight up the mountain. I was having a little difficulty dealing with the elevation. Luckily, I was  guided to go off trail and find a spot to sit. The clouds were just above my head and occassionally I would feel light rain drops falling, because of the proximity to the clouds. I settled in meditation, connecting in with Source, Gaia  and expanding the energy field around me. I then began offering my  prayers through words, toning and the movement of energy. I sent a vortex of love up into the clouds and the mist to be sent over the entire island. There are often clouds and mist surrounding the mountain tops. The energy of this was palpable and powerful. I knew and felt I was truly meant to be here.

This was the end of what I planned for the day as far as energy work. I decided to continue north and west around that side of the island. I won’t go into detail but, I encounter some pretty intense fear driving on the cliffside single lane roads, ugh!!! I finaly made it to a two lane highway and could relax a little when, I surprisingly saw a women hitch hiking. I felt the nudge to I pick her up so, I did. Well, that was meant to be. She was a victim of the Lahainia fires and moved back to the small villiage where she was from. It turns out she has a strong Hawaiian lineage and works hard to free her people from the oppression of  the occupation and maintain there Hawaiian culture. We found support in each other through our conversation, neither of us no longer felt we were working alone and we both felt it was a synchronistic meeting. Her destination was a health food store which happened to be across the street from the park that was set up to serve the people of Lahaina. I got to explore the area, I offered my time as a volunteer but, it seems they are in a flow now and didn’t really need outside help. I never did get an opportunity to volunteer in that way,  which gave me the opportunity to stay focus on the work I was there to do.

This brings me to my personal healing experience. We are all being asked to accept and be more  of our true authetic self and I fell like I was touching into that more deeply on this journey. I was accepting and honoring myself as the one bringing this gift to the world and knowing it is a necessary piece of the tapestry we are weaving. I typically would down play this aspect of my work, in the moment it is real and on purpose but, afterwards I would feel like I was making it up or it wasn’t very meaningful, playing small.  Sharing this adventure with you speaks to my acknowledgment of its importance. My little ego voice would be saying “don’t tell them they will think you’re making it up”. You know, we all need to stand in our soveriegn divinity, willing to be ourselves completely ,openly, and honestly. Now that is true freedom and we are all working on accepting that.

The next day was a day of rest, the pattern was one day of active energy work followed by a day of rest. So on my rest days I spent my time on the beaches. I visited many different beaches. I went paddle boarding and snorkeling  and swimming. I always was in communion with elements giving thanks for the sand, sun, wind, the ocean, the turles and other sea life. I especially felt the draw of the ocean pulling me in. I felt loved, nurtured and supported by her everytime I went in, it truly was an amazing feeling. There was a bit of dichotomy though because I also was overwhelmed by her vastness,  and had a bit of fear going out into her depths.

I have two more days planned for energy work, this was on the eastside of Maui on the "Road to Hana". This would be  divided in two days.  The night before , I planned out where my guidance told me to stop. I decided to go all the way to the end and work my way back. The second day I only had to go to the Twin Falls at the top of The Road to Hana. This was good because the road was extremely twisty, required alot of focus and it wore me out the day before.

The energy work was quite amazing on this journey. I started at Black Sand Beach. I settled into a deep meditation on this beach. I asked for the pressence of my guides, ancestors and Kapuna/Kahuna to be with me. It was one of those times where you recieve a ton of information in very little time. I don’t remember it all but, I can give you an overall feel. It definitely felt like this was the first stop intentionally and it was preparing me for what I was about to do. We went deep into cellular memory and I had a sense of connecting in with my ancestory and the ancestory of the island going back, back ,back in a blink of an eye. No stories emerged at least that I can recall at this point although, I knew there was ancestoral healing taking place. Then I had a sense of my DNA harmonizing  with the DNA of the lava. I felt I was downloaded(or remembering) the ancient wisdom stored in the lava rocks and sand. I gained a sense of the harmonious relationship between the lava and the Pacific ocean. I felt like we were going back  to the time of Lemuria and I remembered being there but nothing else. I had a sense of the energy is doing the work and to leave my mind out of it. It felt like a deep remembrance of which I could barely concieve of. There was a clearing of ancestoral density and a connecting of my energy field.

From there I moved on to Haleakala Park To journey to two falls on the Pipiwai Trail up the mountain and to the seven sacred pools near the ocean. I started up the trail and I reached the first fall, it was dry. I still connected with it. I offered words of love and connection, I did some voice toning and then to my surprise, I found myself pulling energy out of the Falls as if I was pulling out a dagar or unlocking something. I continued up the path  and again to my surprise there was a huge bayan tree. I spent some time with tree and I had a profound connection with it, a memory of being with this tree in the past and we would communicate with each other no matter where I was on the island. I felt we will be communicating in the future as well. I contined on the path through the bamboo forest. I saw a small pool of water with a small waterfall dumping into it behind the bamboo. It was definitely calling me in, spirit wanted me in that water. I got in and the energy in body was ovwrwhelming I offered prayers and I did some toning like I have never done before.  I offered words of freedom. It was something like this;" It is time now. You are free to flow freely and remember. Go help all those who you touch, to remember who they truly are." There was a sense that the waterways will restore there natural paths of flow breaking down any false blockades.

It was clear to me then that I didn’t need to continue to the upper falls so I headed down to the seven sacred pools. The air element was very active there and I had a sense of it working with me. Again the energy within me seem to power up. I offered a similar ceremony here as above. I definitely was unlocking each pool allowing the crystalline energy from the earth to emerge up through them, as well as awakening and activating them.

These were the most powerful spots of the day. The remainder of the day I stopped at other points of water that I was drawn to and offered the same blessings.

After my day of rest, I went back to the Road to Hana to visit the Twin Falls, my last stop. On the drive up there was a double rainbow in the sky which, I recieved as an acknowledgment . It was raining when I arrived there and I wasn’t prepared for the rain. I hiked the trail in shorts and swimsuit and left my dry shirt in the car. It turned out to be a blessing to walk in the warm rain. I visited both Falls they were very beautiful. I offered the same blessings as did before. Afterwards, I had a sense of peace, love and completion. The walk back to the car was beautiful and the sun came out. It felt complete. I decided to treat myself to a spectacular lunch at Mama’s Fish House.

I had three more days left. My only inner guidance was to spend it in the ocean. I actually needed the recovery time, I was tired. My last morning I went to the beach to do a final meditation. I recieved that all of the gridlines are now unlocked and the energy is flowing freely. There is more light flowing freely between the people, the island and the ocean. The fresh waters of the island are more conscious now and will flow freely releasing any constraints. It will be interesting to see what happens with the waters there now. I also got the sense of this not resolving quickly but the energy is in place to move it forward.

I did meet people from Lahaina but I wanted to be respectful of them and not ask them to relive their trauma. I only asked a few questions. I did take the opportunity to share my dream with them and it was well recieved. I met Auntie Jo and Auntie Donna at the farmer’s market selling jewelry and other items, mostly made from people of Lahainia. I bought some jewelry from them to resell here as a way to support them.

My last day was the first day of Lahainia’s protest “Fishing for Housing”. They set up fishing poles and tents along Kaanapalli Beach and they plan to stay until the mayor finds some long term housing solutions for them. I felt like it was a little gift from God to let me be supportive of the people for a couple of hours. I signed up as a volunteer and a talked with some of the people. I shared my dream with them and offered them aloha, they were very appreciative. They are so kind and loving and really rise to the occasion. They truly are an example to the world as to how to respond with aloha (love) to whatever life throws at you.

Thank you all for your loving support for this journey.

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