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Hello brothers and sisters , we are moving along through our ascension process. As we all know, we are experiencing the break of old dense energies while, simultaneously raising the vibration and creating new ways of living. Because the media, big tech, big pharma, and the political system is what we see, we can easily feel overwhelmed by emotion and not see the growth that is happening. We have been challenged to go within and trust the knowing we have, that love will prevail and all is well. It has been a lesson in holding the space of detached compassion rather than our deep sorrowful human emotions. Last year was an opportunity to practice surrendering to our higher self, trusting our intuitive guidance beyond our understanding and deepening our sense of "Being " the love we came here to be. All the while facing our deep seated fears that rise up to be seen and loved.

We are in a phase of accepting our own mastery, of remembering who we are and why we came here. We are learning through our experience to hold the space of love as we observe the chaos. We are learning to accept and love our humaneness. We are integrating our awareness that we are the love we have been waiting for. In Mastery, we realize we are sovereign, divine, and operate with our free will. Every moment, every breath is an opportunity to chose love. This learning is very unique for each of us and we are finding that we must depend on our inner knowing for our answers. We no longer need to depend on others for answers or guidance yet, we do depend on each other for support. We are beginning to grasp the depth of unity consciousness but, only after we learn to stand in our sovereignty and the love that we are. While this all will continue for us, new things will be arising for us in 2022.

We are over the hump, it is time for us to lead by example into this phase of mastery and creation. It is our duty to restore humanity to its rightful place in this Universe, by claiming our free will, our sovereignty and mastery, and our innate creative ability. We can't do this by swimming in the muck and waiting for something to change. We create the change from within ourselves. We do this by listening to our higher selves and choosing out of love and resonance with the divine and daring to be our individual selves. We value and offer our unique gifts, knowing that no else expresses life as we do.

You are the gift! You live as the gift! You are in awe of the magnitude of gifts around you. You learn and chose to move through life ,by the beat of your own drum. This is the way of the lightworker.

To obtain unity consciousness we must bring ourselves to the acceptance that all of life is within God's creation. Contemplate this and you may see where you have beliefs that don't fit this statement..., it's a tough one. We are on a journey of understanding that everything is within in God's creation, the ugly and the beautiful and that it all returns to the Creator. Also, in order to embrace unity consciousness we accept all of who we are and we allow others to have their journey, accepting all of who they are. Some are choosing a path of darkness which will never lead to fulfillment because darkness is the "absence of Light" , it has no sustenance, it needs to take from those who hold their light. Therefore, it will lead to a moment of surrender to the light , thus returning to the Creator. because, they also are born of the Creator and hold that spark within them. Both pathways lead to tremendous learning and both are dependent upon the opposite in order to trigger their learning.

Are you ready for this radical acceptance?

By continuing our journey of self love we come closer to that acceptance. As we love ourselves more deeply we dissolve all that is not love, we" re-member" ourselves with love. We call back to ourselves all of the lost pieces throughout time and space, that we believed were less than love, clouded by separation and fear. Leading us to a place of gratitude, knowing that the depths of our pain brings us to experiencing the heights of our love in our reunion with ourselves, and then our union with Creator. The Creator has always been there with us through it all and now we love and create with eyes wide open, in our divinity and in our humanity in sacred union.

Our thoughts and feelings are now dedicated to remembering the pathway of creating worlds, out of love. We are leaving behind the fear and darkness to those who chose to continue learning by that pathway. We shall continue side by side with them illuminating the pathway of creating through love. With the unity and the harmony of the divine feminine and divine masculine, expanding through sacred union from within our hearts, we will remember ourselves as energetic multi-dimensional creator beings.

We are leading the way of remembrance, the way of living, being and creating by love.

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