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Dreaming the Dream

This past week I had an "ah ha" moment, I feel compelled to share with you and it all started with my obsession over the Lahaina fires. I also posted a short video about this on my Instagram account if you prefer that. Unfortunately, I was unable to share it here,

I have been watching the coverage of Lahaina fires daily. I couldn't stop following the daily post coming out. I wasn't emotionally sucked in, although it is heartbreaking but, I was compelled to stay focused on it. I finally asked my higher self if there was more to this than me just being interested in it.

My answer was "Yes! it took you long enough", lol.

At first, I thought maybe I was helping them and the island to release their grief but, that wasn't it. Then it hit me, I was offering them the love and support they need to heal but, the dream I was given was way beyond their healing.

I was inspired to dream my best dream for the healing, the return and the restoration of the true Lahaina. This tragedy was shown to me as an opportunity for Lahaina and Maui to rise up. I saw the light and love I sent to them ,join with all the other light beams being sent to them from around the world. I invited the energies of the Elements and that of my Divine Council to surround them in light. This combined massive energy held them up and gave them the strength and inspiration to take the next step towards their freedom. They are rising up for each other, just as we are actually seeing them do. I saw the light clearing the way for them by dissolving the shadows, chasing away the darkness. and helping them to stand in their full sovereignty. The light, made their way through clear and doors opened for them.

Also, this happened for them because they are already strong in their hearts. They remember aloha , what it means to take care of each other, and what is really important in life. They will rise from the ashes of this tragedy empowered. They will reclaim their island, their water, their culture and harmony returns. Lahaina becomes a beacon of light for the restoration of Maui and for the rest of the world. These are the chosen ones to show us the way to living an inspirational, loving life for the highest good of all people. They can do it! and they are doing this for us.

This is what I saw in my vision/dream. I felt and knew this was my responsibility to dream this into existence and to now understand the power of dreaming and the time is now. This is our quantum reality and we are the creators of our reality. Not only am I to dream my reality into existence but I was guided to inspire you to begin dreaming your best dreams . It is time for us to accept our power, our magic of creating through dreaming. Remember who you truly are as we watch the people of Lahaina show the way.

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