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Acknowledging The First People

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

We all know, as we transform our personal lives, we transform the collective and we are seeing a ton of collective change right now. We are certainly in the time of chaos, the burning off of all that is not in alignment with love. We have seen the rising of deep seated fears around, illness, death, racism and control, giving us all an opportunity to contemplate what we need to transform.

So, in being the observer of all that is unfolding and knowing all limiting beliefs and suppression need to be seen and released, there is one thing that awaits in my heart and is very dear to my heart, that is the suppression of the Native Americans, the First People of our nation. This also extends to all indigenous cultures globally, that have been suppressed. Noting the exception of the well hidden tribes that held the light for us and Gaia.

The indigenous people have been subjected to the veil of forgetfulness as all of humanity has and they have had some fears of their own arise but, never to extend of the white man. They did not forget their true connection with Earth Mother and Great Spirit. They know they are one with all of life and understand the importance in living in reverence to all.

I do not claim to know all of the history here, I have not studied it. However, my journey through life has shown me my connection with the native Americans particularly, the Lakota people. I want to share from my heart and start the conversation. I want to expand my awareness, to understand their plight, I want hear their voices. I want to honor them for their courage to go on living in their extreme suppression. I want to be one with my indigenous brothers and sisters.

I see you have suffered mass genocide at the hands of men without heart. You have endured war, torture, rape and sexual mutilation as a form of population control. You were forced to live on barren lands where many have starved. Your children were taken from you, to unlearn your cultural ways and instill the ways of the "white men". They were treated abhorrently in a multitude of ways and they were punished for speaking their native language. The torture and ensalvement, I can't begin to say I know it. The trail of tears, the suppression of your great leaders, who led in communion with Great Spirit.

I can't begin to know your pain. What I know is what I feel. I have great empathy and compassion for our First People. I felt this in my heart all my life. As a child I wanted to know more and somehow new we were not given the the real story, we were given "his""story". I have been show my past lives as a Lakota medicine women. I say this not for recognition but, for an understanding of the healing about to take place. There are many of us in the white man's world who have recent past lives in the indigenous world and I feel this is important in bridging the gap and healing the divide.

My heart is open to all of my courageous, powerful native brothers and sisters. Let this be the beginning of our healing. I hear you, I see you, I feel you. I honor you. I know we would not be at this cross roads now, if you didn't hold the knowing of Great Spirit and the love of the Great Mother, for us all. We would have been annihilated by now. Let us rise as the Phoenix. We are the Rainbow Tribe.

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