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Love or Fear

We are the creators of our life.

Our beliefs , our choices determine what kind of life we live.

We can be happy with the status quo of life, feeling secure in knowing what life will bring whether it is good or bad in our judgement, IT IS predictable and familiar. Or, we may feel there is more to life, something is missing or not quite right and we are capable of a greater existence.

It is always a choice , to explore the unknown or continue with life as we know it.

However, there is a knowing, a sense of of our free will that encourages us to choose differently. It encourages us to search out our truth that lies deep within us. To know and remember who we truly are.What guides this choice?

It’s choosing love or fear, every choice comes down to either love or fear. It may look like anger, protection, comfort, happiness but, it always boil down to a belief you hold that is either rooted in love or fear.

It is our innate knowingness that is reminding us that we are truly divine loving sovereign beings of love. We can only know unity by first loving all the aspects of ourselves.

Love is your truth, love is your birthright, Love is what you are.

Do you choose fear or love?

In each thought? in each feeling? in each word? in each action?

The love is always there at your core waiting for you, loving you, supporting you along the way, no matter if you chose love or fear. Each moment is a moment to chose more love in your life.

It first starts as a recognition of fear that resides in you and this gives you the opportunity to love that aspect of you more deeply , more consciously or not, maybe, it is left for another day. It takes courage to face a fear (false evidence appearing real) and the unknown. Regardless, you are loved by your higher self, and by God always.

You are an aspect of God wanting to experience itself and experience this divine physicality. You have the free will to chose your experience whether it be through the lens of fear or love.

In these times of great upheaval, it has never been easier to let go of the old world paradigm of fear and accept your true divine birth right of living life from love.

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