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My Dream

I wanted to share with you all one of my journal entries from September 10th, 2020. I feel we are in such a time of decisive disinformation and it is obvious our government does not work for us, this crosses party lines. I feel my best attribute to change it all is to add my light to the political system daily asking for the highest good of all and dream what i want to see in the world.

Dreaming of a new government.

One that is based on our free will as sovereign divine beings of the universe. Recognizing that this is everyone’s inalienable right and it must be protected. We recognize that we are one with all peoples, nations and the earth. All beings must be treated with respect, honor and love and to do no harm to human, creature or earth. We are one unified field whose natural state of being is cooperation not competition. The power lies with ALL people.

I see a council of twelve, a round table. There is no need for political parties because each representative serves all of its constituents . It is an honor to be chosen and serve their American brothers and sisters. I see this type of government working world wide as well or at the very least in harmony with them.

I see each city and town having a council of 12, (number not important) where all members have equal power and their concern is always what is best for the people. Their job is to listen to what their constituents want and bring it to the council. Then for the council working together to find what is for the highest good of all people and always working within the constitution.

The leader in each council is a facilitator with no power over the others. All members have one 5 year term and all members consider it an honor to serve. There is a moderate pay with no special healthcare, retirement etc. They can’t accept gifts or offers from any type of business. I imagine great integrity in the system and this will not be a problem.

Then from each city or town one representative is a member of a county council. Then a representative at the end of his county term can run for a state representative five year term. Then possibly a regional term for example, the northeast region of the United States, and finally the national council.

I know in reality this requires more detail. I am dreaming the highest dream for humanity that I can imagine. When we all dream our highest dreams they come together and create a reality.

Won’t you join me in dreaming fantastic dreams?

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