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My Letter to Humanity

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

We are in the time of the great awakening, the advent of the Golden Age , the fifth dimension. To get there we pass through this time of chaos, some may call it the apocalypse. We are leaving an age of great darkness and entering one of great light. Everything must be brought into the light. The process is much like the phoenix rising from the ashes or likened to the transformation of caterpillar into a butterfly, down to the core of the old the new is birthed.

We have plummeted deep into the age of darkness, since before the time of Christ. As the say it is the darkest before the dawn, this is where we are today. The age of darkness brought us into a phase of forgetfulness. A place where we do not remember we are more than our physical bodies. The pain of separation has been so great and manifest in a multitude of ways it keeps us from the core of it. It shows up in desiring to fulfill ourselves with material goods, accolades, fame, excessive social interaction or physical gratification through food, sex, drugs, technology, extreme exercise or extreme danger. Secondarily, we give our power away to others to fill us up. Emotionally we want a partner to make us happy, expecting our relationships to fill the gap in some way.

As a society we give ourselves to our government, trusting them more and more to guide and protect us. We ultimately end up living our life, trying to fit into the norm, trying to do what others say is right but, all the while we have issues of lack, survival, competition for the top, take and not share, that divide us even further. We see this on a personal level and collective which, results in your government not working for the whole but, for their self gain. We are so busy trying to survive and fill up with material things we have given our sovereignty away and we are duped into doing it more and more.

When something traumatic happens in your life and/or you have an opportunity to slow down or stop the hamster wheel, you begin to question. What is this all about? this life that feels lifeless, or a constant struggle, it passes you by while you are in an eternal state of exhaustion, pain and dissatisfaction. Now you have an opportunity to question all aspects of life. You also have an opportunity to feel and know yourself better. You may connect with nature and animals in a deeper way. You may begin to contemplate what love is and what it means to be unconditionally loving. If you are religious, you may begin to question it as well and discover what is true for you and all of humanity.

We are in stage of awakening to our true divine nature, a knowing we were born with inalienable right of free will. We were not born of (darkness) sin but born of love (light), a soul desiring a human experience. Just as an addict has to hit rock bottom to decide to turn their life around so do we, collectively and individually. We are deciding to live as sovereign divine beings in harmony with life or to continue a life of struggle, separation and competition. You see we have free will choice, always. You choose how you want to live, what you want to experience, and whether you want someone else to make those choices for you. When you stand in alignment with your soul, you accept diversity and differences without judgement but, as an interesting part of life.

What we are not seeing; is the multitude of beings who have already claimed their sovereignty and are choosing a life of unity consciousness. Because of them we are holding more love on this planet than darkness. This light is holding space for all of humanity to do the same. Now is the time, to take your power back and by doing so you disempower the darkness. What we are seeing now, is the rising up of al that needs to be seen and felt in order for it to be transformed into love, burning off of the old and out of the dross is the beautiful new harmonious world “WE” shall create together.

What is your free will choice?

Will you chose out of love or fear?

Blessings and love to all Beings no matter their choice in life.

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