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I would like to talk about what it means to be sovereign. Let’s start with the dictionary definition. Sovereignty is: a. supreme power especially over a body politic, b. freedom from external control or autonomy, c. controlling influence. It is synonymous with autonomy, freedom, independence, liberty, self- determination, self-governance.

Are we sovereign Beings? Are we intended to be sovereign? In my contemplation of this, I went to my birth and the beginning of mankind. I immediately realized we were born with free will. What is Free will? It’s the ability to choose my experience in each moment. Choice is the key word here. Freedom to choose…… Freedom is synonymous with sovereignty. Therefore, we are born sovereign Beings, it is our birth right, it is our soul’s right in having this human experience. So, from the beginning we were designed to be sovereign beings and create our experience.

Ask yourself, Are you sovereign?, Are you free?, Are you autonomous?, Are you independent?, Do you have liberty?, Are you self-determined?, Do have self-governance?

What do we tell people whom seem to be victimized by their circumstances? “Take responsibility for yourself, make better choices”. These statements recognize that we believe we are empowered. So, I ask you to sit down quiet your mind, settle into your body, into your heart and focus on your breath. When you get to this place of non-judgement, contemplate your sovereignty as an individual, as community, as a nation. Be honest with yourself, take the time to listen to your inner-knowing. Yes, remember that aspect of yourself, your knowing, where your truth is revealed, deep inside your soul all things are known. Take the time to revisit this often and ask for your truth to be revealed and for clarity.

This is your journey.

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