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The Gift of 2020, Our Evolution and Age of Aquarius

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Congratulations Lightworkers ! No matter what you experienced in 2020 you held the love vibration on this planet. The light grew exponentially and shinned even brighter upon the shadows of the world. It is the love that radiates from our sacred hearts which influences the collective consciousness. We did it! And, we are doing it now!

Our Evolution

We are the observers of the heightened drama of the light and the dark. It’s s story of evolution from the birthing of the planet Earth and humanity. We have come a long way from the days from which survival was the goal and fear was necessary . A healthy fear, an ability to adapt and a desire to learn has made us a successful species on Earth. From the beginning we have lived in world of polarity. Those who came here to seed the planet were both service to self and service to others. So you see it has been an ongoing saga from the beginning.

The service to self, used deceit and fear to convince us that they have power over us, just as they do today. The service to others shared their knowledge and loving support to help us thrive on Earth. They taught us about the universe and knew it would benefit all species to support us. We have grown, experienced life from the dark side and the light and we are fully empowered by all that we have learned. We have come to a precipice, an end of era and the beginning of a new one. We have sunk to the depths of forgetfulness and pain, where the veil of separation was dense. The light was always their guiding us home. We danced the dance of fear and love. We could not know one without the other.

Now it is time to integrate what we have learned about life, as one who is separate from Source. As a being who agreed to the challenge of free will and forgetfulness, to experience the return to love and all that entails. Expressing as expansion of love and creation beyond our ability to conceive. Oh, how lucky we are to be here now where all merges into One. Where science and spirituality live in harmony with each other. Where heaven is brought to earth and the physical and nonphysical coexist. Where fear disappears and love reigns, after all fear was a created illusion. We simply live in love, honor and respect of all life because we know we are one.

A reflection of 2020

All that is happening and has happened in 2020 is all perfectly orchestrated to awaken the collective. I see it as a rubber band, being stretched to the extreme, allowing all aspects to be seen and felt. All that is hidden must be seen before it is transmuted into light.

The paradox of life is more obvious than ever before. Where there is extreme darkness , there is extreme light, and it is our job to harmonize both into illumination.

Let’s reflect upon 2020. The arrival of Covid began the unraveling of a multitude of things. There are many blessings hidden within this virus. I’m not negating the pain you many have experienced through this and I offer you my love and compassion. However, in every transformative time in the world there has been both pain and joy in the process, in order for something better to arise.

Covid brought forth our awareness of fear in our psyche. Wherever fear lurks, covid nudged it to show its face. Along with our own buried fears, collective fears emerged as well. We experienced the fear of death and the fear of change which, showed up as the fear of" the death of life as we knew it’. It showed us how willing we are to give our power away for a sense of safety and protection. Consider this, if you fear change, how can you move forward into a new world? Do we fear our own sovereignty? feeling it as a lonely place to be and separated from others? There was plenty of opportunity to stand in our sovereignty or to learn about standing in our sovereignty. As a sovereign divine being of the universe, we learn and express ourself as a divine being of God with all of the inalienable rights of life, living by the universal laws. The first one to exercise is our free will. Our free will to decide what is for our highest good and is in alignment for the highest good of all. We got to practice what feels right to us and what doesn’t, understanding the feeling of resonating in harmony with our Higher Self and Source. Sovereignty aligns you with God and now you can experience unity. Then you realize and know you have never been separated from God and you were never alone. So, we can examine all these fears as they arise, acknowledge them , love them and realize the truth, which always resides in love.

Covid also gave us the opportunity to slow down and experience family life with loving intention. We became more intentional in our lives, admiring the simple joys of life. We developed a relationship with ourselves, learning to truly love ourselves. We are developing a renewed relationship with Gaia, feeling and knowing her presence in our life. We began experiencing what it means “TO BE”, just be and know that is how we truly share our love with the world. We became aware of having the opportunity to chose our perspective and live it. Do you chose to see the pain or are choosing to see the blessing? Are you choosing fear or love in this moment? How do I chose to express in this life? Covid has given us the necessary time to contemplate life. It has given us the time to integrate all that we have awakened too. We now understand the necessity and honoring of integration, an all important step to our awakening.

The Censorship of information and the extreme disinformation gave us all an opportunity to go within and practice our skills of discernment. Again learning to use our sovereign power because what is true for you may not be true for another. To carry that to another step of maturity, it is allowing others to hold their own truth no matter what it is. Boy, was that a hard thing to do when you are observing people choosing out of fear. Offering us, more practice in being the observer and giving unconditional love to all aspects of a situation and life. Discernment also is important when confronted with disinformation, manipulation of information and censorship . There is no way the mind alone could discern “truth” from the given information. It was another opportunity to discern with your sacred mind and heart trusting your higher guidance, even when it goes against the grain.

We as a society have been divided to the extreme in 2020, all to show the flaws of its design. Separation and competition cannot breed unity, it is not in alignment with love. We cannot give our power away to others and be sovereign at the same time. We were given lots of opportunities to step back from our ego minds and 3D conditioning and rewire/respond from a loving and neutral perspective. We have been given opportunity to practice being the observer and allowing ourselves to be informed by the breathe of God. To choose a new perspective, one that is honoring all people equally, one that is guided by love.

We gave this “service to self" set up time to play out and now it is disintegrating . Why? because it is not in alignment with universal law but, it was necessary for us to experience. We have experienced what doesn’t work and what it is like to be disconnected from our Creator, from the love that we are. Now we return to who we truly are, remembering the love of the Creator, being in alignment with love and all of its expanding beauty. If we engage our free will to choose this path of alignment, we are the creators of Heaven on Earth. Most of all we appreciate and feel this unity even more deeply because we experienced the opposite.

We the Lightworkers became a more cohesive group. We connected in many ways via the internet and ether. We joined in on global meditations knowing the power of our combined love and intention would change the world. Most importantly, we began to trust ourselves and the unseen work we were doing. So, let us choose decisively our sovereignty and unity with God and support each other as we wax and wane in our awakening. We realize we are free will citizens of the universe with all of the rights that includes, our life here on earth should reflect that. The choice always rest with us, to claim our birth right or give it away.

I/we can say thank you covid for showing us where we stand and giving us space to love ourselves more deeply, practice our skills as a sovereign divine being, getting to know who we truly are , walking into our mastery and finally understanding we are co-creators of our reality. We chose to create a reality of love, honor and respect within the knowing of unity consciousness. I/We now cross the threshold of the Age of Aquarius and we accept that we are the creators of the New 5D Earth.

It truly was a year of clear vision (2020) and understanding our free will choice to chose it.

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius .

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